• On the fly

  • Player must be leaving the field to sub – not to put team in unfair advantage


  • Can only use one more advanced player from another team

  • If you need more than one advanced sub, it must be approved by opposition captan

     Intermediate Teams

  • No advanced players can play intermediate

  • Can only use one more intermediate player – a second sub must be approved by opposition captain


  • During regular season – goalkeepers can play for as many teams as they want

  • During playoffs – the keeper can only play for one team

  • The ball cannot be thrown over the half – however can be kicked

Blue Card

  • A blue card will be issued by the referee for any dangerous challenges and offences deemed unnecessary, excessive and abusive.  

  • This subjects the player to a TWO MINUTE break where the team will be down a player

  • The player can return once the two minutes is over or if the other team scores

  • If a player is shown the blue card twice they will be removed from the game

  • The two-minute rule still applies but they will not be allowed to return.

Free-kicks & Kick Ins

  • All free kicks are INDIRECT

  • Players have five seconds for kick-ins.

  • If players ask for yardage they must wait for the whistle

  • The ball must be at a complete stop for kicks ins

  • We allow room to place the ball a foot off the line when near netting


  • If the ball hits the roof net the ball will be placed in the center spot

  • If the ball hits the roof net above the goal area it will result in either a goal kick or a corner ball.

The referee makes the decision.