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General Rules

  • 2 - 20 Minute Halves  

  • 2 - 30 Second Time-Outs per half. (Time-Outs DO NOT carry over from the 1st half.)

  • If a teams is down by more than 20 points with 2 minutes remaining, the official holds the right to end the game.

  • 3 Minutes will be allocated to overtime in the result of a tie. Upon the 3rd OT period, the game transitions to sudden death-- in which first team to score wins. 


Please refer to our FORFEIT POLICY for details regarding forfeits.



  • Single elimination tournament play.

  • Please see SUBS POLICY for protocol regarding subs during playoffs.



  • 7 Team Fouls (within a half) results in a shooting bonus (1&1Free Throws)

  • 10 Team Fouls (within a half) results in a double bonus (2 Free Throws)

  • Players are allowed 5 personal fouls per game. Upon 5th foul, a player will foul out, no longer allowed to play the remainder of the game.

  • In the instance in which a team only has 5 players, and one fouls out, the team can decide whether to forfeit the remainder of the game, or play down with 4.

Substitution Policy

  • During regular season, if your team is short players, you can only use one player from another team.

  • During regular season, if you need more than one sub from another team, it must be approved by opposition captain.

  • During regular season, Teams are welcome to invite unrostered subs (if the full team balance has collected.

  • During the playoffs and finals, you may not use unrostered subs who DID NOT play with you during the regular season.

  • During the playoffs and finals teams may NEVER use a player from another team or roster.