Subs policy


Teams can have up to 8 players total when bringing in players that are not listed on their roster. (Former policy restricted the number to 6.) With this update, we hope to encourage teams to be over-prepared in finding subs for regular season games, without the fear of inviting players and then having them have to sit out. 

Players from other teams are allowed to act as subs for regular season games only. We encourage teams to utilize our WSC Basketball Members Only Page to post requests for subs.

  • During regular season, if your team is short players, you can only use one player from another team.

  • During regular season, if you need more than one sub from another team, it must be approved by opposition captain.

  • During regular season, Teams are welcome to invite unrostered subs (if the full team balance has collected.  



  • During the playoffs and finals, you may not use unrostered subs who DID NOT play with you during the regular season.

  • During the playoffs and finals teams may NEVER use a player from another team or roster.

  • Only paying rostered players and approved subs who have played during season are permitted to participate in the playoffs and finals. New players, who have not paid for the applicable season nor have subbed during the regular season, will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs and finals.