In 2012, Veronica decided she’d had enough playing second string to male dominated soccer teams, and so she co-founded Chicago’s only recreational sports organization dedicated exclusively to women; WSC. 

Veronica is a shaker and mover, a visionary. She dreams up change and works tirelessly to see it happen. She loves freshly squeezed juice and bagels almost as much as she hates long distance running. A Pittsburgh native, she now resides in Chicago’s quaint Lincoln Park neighborhood, but if you need her, check the closest soccer field. 




Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Linda joined the WSC force in 2015, combining her passion for sports, women’s rights and business to help Veronica grow Women’s Sports Chicago.

Linda is a dreamer. In fact, the only time her head isn’t in the clouds is when her cleats are in the turf. She’s also an avid burger fanatic, and views her life in Chicago through Instagram filters. She currently lives in the South Loop with her two fur babies, but don’t ask her about them. She won’t stop.

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League Coordinator

Heather is WSC’s beloved league and communications coordinator.  Heather has a masters in marketing from North Park University, and is originally from Blackburn, England. Heather’s claim to fame is once having her foot stepped on by David Beckham when she was the ball girl at Rovers