3 Ways to Grill Vegetables

There is no doubt that summertime is grilling season! Now is the perfect time to get started on increasing your daily vegetable servings. We’ve listed three common techniques to use your grill to make delicious vegetables. Start by creating a marinade with oils, vinegar, fresh herbs, and spices before grilling them up. You can mix the vegetables with the marinade prior to cooking and baste the vegetables while on the grill for additional flavor.

Chop and Go Method: Slice veggies such as eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, and peppers and lay them on the grill, flipping the vegetables after a few minutes. Depending on the vegetable you may want to cook them for anywhere between 4-10 minutes per side (some may take longer depending on thickness and desired tenderness).

Foil Wrap Method: Cut your vegetables into even pieces (about 1 inch thick or as desired) and place them in a double layer of heavy duty foil. Add in whichever marinade you like to the foil and seal the edges tightly. Place your foil pack on the grill (try to keep it a few inches from the flame). Your vegetables will pick up that smoky grill flavor without being directly exposed to the grill. This method works great for green beans and potatoes!

Skewer Method: If you are looking to cook up a variety of different vegetables, skewers do the trick. You can put mushrooms, onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, squash, and zucchini. If cooking with meat, you also can alternate between vegetable and protein for easy serving. Pro Tip: if using wooden skewers, it is a good idea to soak them in some water before putting your veggies on and putting them on the grill. This will help the skewers from scorching. 

Any way you cook them up, you will be increasing the quality of your nutrition intake with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The grill offers new flavor profiles that will keep your cooking fresh and fun!

Christine Steinmetz