Tart Cherry Juice

In recent years, tart cherry juice has exploded into the sports nutrition scene at the collegiate and professional level. Now, as regular consumers, we can find it in almost every grocery store. What’s the deal with these tart cherries and what are the purported benefits? Most of the research out there focuses on the following two outcomes:

Decreased muscle soreness and faster recovery times: some research studies suggest that consuming cherry juice regularly during high training loads can help decrease muscle soreness following intense exercise. Cherries are naturally high in antioxidants, which help fight inflammation our bodies can produce after challenging exercise. There are research studies in marathon runners as well as team sports such as soccer or football.

Improved sleep quality: cherries have naturally occurring melatonin. Melatonin has been shown to help regulate our sleep-wake cycle. While it may not be appropriate for all sleep disorders, cherry juice may be a natural solution for an individual looking to move away from sleeping pills or bottled melatonin.

There’s even some research out there investigating the role of cherry juice in arthritis and heart health. While the research is somewhat mixed, it’s exciting to see fruits get the spotlight! I have gotten the question - why cherry juice or cherry juice powder? Can’t we just eat fresh cherries and get the same benefit? The answer is yes, you will get a solid dose of antioxidants with fresh cherries, however, the juice tends to be a much more concentrated version (fitting almost 40-50 cherries into one 8-10 oz bottle). The key is to consume the juice regularly every day during high training loads to have a consistent antioxidant intake. 

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Christine Steinmetz