Grocery Woes

If you are like me and REALLY don’t like crowded grocery stores, long lines, and slow shoppers who seem to be aimlessly walking around, you’ve come to the right place! Grocery shopping can either be a lengthy, tedious process or just another one of your “to-do list” items. On Monday we covered how to incorporate new recipes into your meal plan. Once that’s complete you can easily make a shopping list based off your new recipes and staples you like to keep on hand.

First, break down the grocery store into sections. I like to use Produce (Fruits and Vegetables), Proteins, Dairy, Grains, and Miscellaneous Items. This helps keep you focused on moving through each section of the store without having to circle back to a section two or three times. Next, put your staple ingredients you need more of at home on your list and add your new items from your collected recipes. You can either print your sheet out or take a quick screenshot with your phone before you leave for the store. Lastly, remember to bring your re-usable bags to the store to save money. As of February 1st, 2017, Chicago has enacted a bag-tax of 7 cents for every plastic bag you use!

Want more tips and tricks? My fellow colleague and Director of Sports Nutrition Lauren Link created a great video on how to navigate a grocery store. You can find it on BoilerFuel facebook page at the following link:

Happy Shopping!

Linda Edmondson