Ringing in Springtime Produce

Although it doesn’t seem like it in Chicago, the first day of the spring season was March 20th, 2017. Before we know it, the days will be longer and Farmer’s Markets will be popping up all over Chicagoland! At the start of each season, I like to remind myself of the produce that’s coming into season. This can be helpful for many individuals trying to take advantage of lower prices and higher quality produce! Here’s a brief list of some fruits and vegetables that are going to be DELICIOUS during spring! 









If you haven’t yet, I would HIGHLY suggest checking out some of the local Farmer’s Markets in the area. Some may even be within walking distance of the office (makes a GREAT lunch hour activity!) There are also markets available on the weekends if you can’t make it during the work week. Shopping local not only helps to support local farmers in the area, but your produce had less travel time from the garden to your table, extending shelf life and quality. Check out the City of Chicago’s 2017 list of farmer’s markets here. Want to check out what fruits and vegetables are coming into season next? Check out the City of Chicago’s Seasonality Chart

Stay Tuned! Recipes in the following weeks will be highlighting these fantastic nutrition powerhouses! Questions? Contact Christine@womenssportschicago.com

Christine Steinmetz