What Should My Plate Look Like?

Weekend Warriors to Elite Athlete: What should my plate look like?

I have worked with so many clients that get caught up in the Nutrition numbers game. How many carbs should I be doing per day? Do I need to add in a protein powder? What types of vitamins should I be taking? What is the BEST nutrition prescription for fitness and health?

In order to simplify these complicated questions I like to classify my clients into 3 training groups: easy training, moderate training, and hard training and provide them with a simple guide on how to put together meals.

For most individuals who do 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day or those people trying to work on weight loss or weight management, I recommend the following easy training plate:

This plate focuses on lots of fiber through fruits, vegetables and whole grain carbohydrates to help keep you full while keeping calories reasonable.

For the individuals who are exercising multiple times in a day or for an extended period of time (over an hour), more carbohydrate can be beneficial to sustain energy levels. However, this does NOT mean that we clear those fruits and vegetables off the plate! For these individuals, a more appropriate plate might be:


As mentioned in a previous post, if you are an individual who is doing heavy training multiple hours per day, an adjustment would need to be made to fueling your body for higher exercise loads. 

Linda Edmondson