5 Ways to Jump Start Your Fitness

Chicago is divided into two distinct categories;

1. pumpkin spice lovers and 
2. everybody else.

And while the majority of midwestern women flock to Starbucks and the nearest Mariano’s bakery to indulge in the season’s favorite vegetable (fruit?), some of us are over here trying to work up not only the will power to say no, but the motivation to get into shape. After all, the holidays are coming, and probably a polar vortex or two, and if we are honest with ourselves, we need all the jump-start we can get before we grab our deep dish pizza and hibernate till April.

Here are some fast and easy tips to take control of your health and latch onto a sustainable and more wholesome lifestyle:


 1. Set a goal

Possibly the most boring and obvious tip of all fitness-loving-time, but we can’t stress enough how important and necessary goal setting is to staying motivated. Choose something measurable (lose 5 pounds, be able to run 3 miles, etc.) within a reasonable time frame, and make it happen!

 2. Grab a pal

Today you may feel motivated; tomorrow you may not. Having a friend with similar goals to keep you accountable is a great way to prevent slacking off. Also, working out with a friend just makes the whole process more fun.

3. Figure out what works for you

Throwing on your running shoes and pounding out 12 miles might work for some, but if we are honest, cardio can be boring. If it takes all you can muster to step outside or on the treadmill for a run, try something else! ClassPass.com is great option for those of us who wants to dabble with different fitness classes until we find something we love. The point is to fall in love with the process, and once that happens, getting fit will be a breeze.

 4. Write it down

You know what they say; “abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” Working out hard will boost your metabolism, but you still need to measure what you are eating. Use an app like MyFitnessPal to monitor your caloric intake; you might be surprised at what you find out  about your dietary habits!

5. Dress like you mean it

Go ahead and invest in some cute athletic apparel that will make you want to go to the gym. You want to break down any barriers that discourage you from working out, and if you just can’t stomach being seen in that ratty t shirt, maybe it’s time for an upgrade! The point is to  feel good about yourself (holla at Lululemon.)

That’s all we got for today! Comment and let us know how you self motivate!


Linda Edmondson